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ST Jude's Scholarship Program


The POHER St. Jude's Scholarship Award provides partial and full scholarships to deserving young student at ST Jude’s Parish, Nigeria.


This award was launched in Nigeria and is established to support the academic aspirations of young Africans with excellent academic performance and leadership potential at St Judes Orphanage.


Thank you to all the donors who support this initiative. A special thanks to the local national POHER coordinator in Nigeria - Reverend Father Dr. Felix Kingsley Obialo.








Emmanuella capping ceremony (nursing). POHER scholarship was awarded to provide support for a B.Sc in Nursing. (2013)






POHER scholarship is awarded to Stephen to provide support for his M.Sc. in geophysics. (2013)






POHER scholarship is awarded to Henry to provide support for a DVM in Veterinary Medicine. (2013).

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